Our products can be purchased directly from our website.

We are proud to say our products are made right here in the US.

Yes! COA products are formulated with on the purest ingredients.

Our products when used together were formulated and designed to be the perfect duo in achieving the highest level of frizz-free, bouncy lightweight curls for your own specific hair texture.

We currently ship in the US only, but are working on expanding our territories.

We love our fur friends and are proud to say all COA products are cruelty free.

All COA products have a shelf life of 12 months, but we're confident that your curls and our products will get along so well it won't last until then.

The main goal of our products are to enhance whatever pattern your natural hair is, including but not limited to kinks, coils, waves, and straight hair.

COA is an earth-friendly brand. Our aluminum packaging can and should be recycled.

We're currently not offering refills but in the near future we expect to launch a refill system so that you we can keep our planet cute and clean.

COA has very exciting plans for our future product launches, we hope you'll stay tuned!